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Mergers and Acquisitions deals in senior housing come with various technical challenges related to the acquisition, disinvestment, and fundraising. Hence, at ROD Seniors we collaborate meticulously with ROD M&A and ROD PE to stretch the value chain and maximize the use of our expertise.

We understand that different types of senior housing facilities follow different work philosophies and operational techniques. As leading investment advisors with profuse experience in M&A deals across Europe and the globe in senior housing, we identify the primary crises and guide them towards an assented closure with an end to end service.


Intricate diagnosis for every transaction done in the M&A sector i.e. buying or selling a senior house, raising funds, restructuring the business, or entering a joint-venture, we offer as insights to our clients. By working together with ROD M&A, holistic data reviews are done, mock rounds are managed, and core nuances along with growth areas are highlighted to make the plan concrete and induce a clear understanding of the process. This also helps in analyzing the possible scenarios post-deal, thus covering your business in all ways possible.


Term sheets are essential when it comes to guaranteeing that your potential target company is on the same page as you. Our astute teams of ROD Seniors and ROD M&A go the extra mile to understand the concerns of both parties and create an exhaustive sheet. It represents the intent, necessary data, financials, and the direction of both parties, such that they agree with the terms.

Executing due diligence control

Due diligence is a laborious and drawn-out process. ROD Senior’s ability to efficiently execute exhaustive due diligence tasks comes from the numerous transactional experiences. We seamlessly liaise between vendors as well as with experienced consultants for legal, commercial, and technical diligence.

Securing Conclusive Agreements

Once sealed, the agreements have the power to boost or stun the portfolio growth and affect your liabilities on a long-term basis. ROD Seniors thus scrutinizes the agreements and aligns those with the objectives of both parties, while strictly examining the key clauses. These include recourse effects, warranties, and representation, post-transaction liabilities, and amenities of the facility.


Delayed real estate M&A closures have grave repercussions on the operation, cost, as well as environment of the businesses itself. Keeping this in mind, ROD Seniors ensures that all our actions are planned against a strict timeline. We close the deal rapidly and yet efficiently through a detailed and well-defined process our experts have developed over years of work and experience.

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