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At a time when the proportion of the senior population is increasing significantly in many European countries, investments in accommodation facilities for senior citizens are proving to be a great success. The Rod Seniors team has been assisting clients to make an entry, grow and establish themselves in the Senior Care Industry.

Residential Facilities

The ageing of the population creates new needs for housing adapted to the elderly. Hence the multiplication of establishments designed to accommodate the elderly or “retirement homes”. A retirement home is any collective residence, private or public, designed to accommodate people over the age of 60, and maybe permanent or temporary. While the variety of institutions for the elderly varies from country to country.

The nursing home or EHPAD

A medical facility designed to accommodate dependent elderly people aged 60 and over. Residents benefit from permanent support including various services such as accommodation, meals, toilets, daily medical care adapted to the resident’s needs and administered by a paramedical team, housekeeping and various activities. The services offered vary according to each accommodation structure and the level of autonomy of the patients.

Facility & Care differentiation

In France, for example, the level of autonomy of an elderly person can be assessed using a specific scale called GIR or groupe iso-ressources. The care needs of each elderly person will depend on their level of GIR: GIR1, GIR2, GIR3, GIR4, GIR5, GIR6. Nursing homes or EHPADs can provide care for an elderly person up to a GIR1 level (person in a wheelchair or bedridden with severely impaired mental functions).

Rest homes

It can be either private and for-profit, managed by associations, or public and attached to a health establishment. The occupancy rate of rest homes is also quite high compared to non-medical accommodation structures such as nursing homes. Taxable residents in nursing homes can also benefit from a tax reduction and be exempted from various taxes such as housing tax and property tax.

Operating standards

Nursing homes and all care facilities for the elderly are also subject to strict standards, if we mention only the standards to be respected in terms of hygiene, the safety of the infrastructures or conformity of the products used. Almost half of all people who live in nursing homes are 85 years or older which implies that strict standards are a necessity to maintain the reputation of Nursing Homes.

Financial Advantages

Approved nursing homes can also benefit from financial aid or investment subsidies from the State under certain conditions. In France, nursing homes wishing to benefit from State subsidies must sign a tripartite agreement defining their operating conditions, objectives, and terms. In the US, financial assistance comes in addition to more than $150 million the state has spent to date on nursing Homes for response efforts.


Since senior spaces projects are one of the most exciting investment ecosystems within real estate, and our team represents dozens of investors, developers and other committed players, we would be thrilled to tell you more about our investment strategies and client proposals.

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